Community Open Online Course

COOCs have been developed to help people from all walks of life to share learning and create opportunities for personal development.  The song says 'we'd like to teach the world to sing'.  We agree!  But why stop at singing? What about dancing, writing, philosophy, design, photography, fact, what about teaching the world whatever you'd like to teach!

If we leave learning and teaching to others we strip the world of us, of you! This is not about having to do something, but wanting to do it; it's not about learning what your told, but living what you teach, and learning what and how you want to live. The aim of COOCs is to create free space, space that respects and understands that everyone has something to share - that each of us can share that and help us all see teaching and learning in a new way.  Not 'oustide' us done by others.  Instead, ours and done by us, for us and with our values - whoever 'our' is for you. 

There is no need to think how this sharing, this knowledge and these skills of yours will appeal to millions, hundreds of thousands or thousands, even hundreds of people.   Why should they?  Seeking 'massive' is often seeking standardisation, adulation and conformity.  Here, we can revel in our specialisms, passions, nuances and creative freedom.  You might create a course for one, hoping to find if someone else also shares that way of thinking, that interest!  You might have a community ready-formed but no place to share what you want to learn and teach.  It might be you're a new group, hoping to spread some ideas, engender some more involvement.  You set your own agenda, learn in your own ways, choose your own subjects and methods, resources and successes.  Teaching is not something imposed on you, but something you work together to create. You can use COOCs to create differently, make the diffrence and be different.

We are a non-profit, community focused organisation that creates spaces for communities, individuals, small groups to get involved in learning and teaching, where they need it, and for free. We want COOCs to grow so there will be opportunities to share your views and also take part in some research about how things are developing, what works well and what any problems or challenges are.

If you wish to contact me directly, email and I will be happy to call you back or email with any details you might be interested in.

Have fun with COOCs and together we can explore new ground in how people teach and learn.