Learning and teaching

This course is designed and ran by a mother of an autistic child who want to raise awareness amongst teachers working with autistic students.  It is not medical, it is experiential. 

The focus is on the ways that children with autism can experience the world and how teachers can help and avoid increasing pressures and stress. 

Dr Peter Shukie has created this short programme for work with community educators to discuss the creation of a technology based community education enterprise. 

Over two sessions, this short course explores how technology can play a part in creating meaningful, purposeful and engaging community education. using Community Open Online Courses (COOCs) as the baseline for session one, we look at the challenges to creating learning that seeks to use technology. This includes challenges from a complex landscape of commercial interests and privacy concerns - how we can build safe and empowering spaces to educate here emerges in the discussion. We will look at practice, the role of theory (primarily Freirean critical pedagogy & Deleuze and Guattari inspired rhizomatic learning), barriers and overcoming them. We will also look at how we have all used technology in our own work and what we have learned from that.